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Non-fired brick characteristics and principles
2020-08-15 156
Using fly ash, coal slag, coal gangue, tailings slag, chemical slag or natural sand, tidal mud, etc. (one or several of the above raw materials) as the main raw materials, a new type of wall material manufactured without high temperature calcination is called It is a non-burning brick. This product is in line with China’s general policy of "protecting farmland, saving energy, adapting measures to local conditions, and taking local materials" for the development of building materials. It is in line with the State Council’s “Opinions on Strictly Restricting Destruction of Land and Burning Bricks and Actively Promoting Wall Reform” and in line with the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation. The Caishuizi (1996) No. 20 document "Notice on Continuing to Implement Value-Added Tax Preferential Policies for Some Products of Comprehensive Utilization of Resources" was issued, which is a building material product that is exempt from value-added tax. Characteristics: The characteristics of non-fired bricks are not available in any other wall bricks. Using reasonable scientific formula, adding coagulant and trace chemical additives in a certain proportion, so that the particle size, humidity, and mixing degree are strengthened with reasonable equipment and technology.
After reaching the best plastic state, the brick is formed by high-pressure pressing to quickly harden the brick body. The longer the time, the better the effect. The brick has good practicability. It does not need to be soaked when building the wall and has a neat appearance. Due to its high strength, good durability, standard size, complete shape, uniform color, and a simple and natural appearance, this material can be used as a dry wall or any exterior decoration. Therefore, it is a replacement product with great development prospects to replace clay bricks.
1. Reducing waste, saving soil and energy
2. The source of raw materials is extremely wide
3. Protected the ecological environment
4. High strength, not afraid of water, resistance to weathering, corrosion, freezing and thawing