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What is the basic maintenance of cement brick machine?
2020-08-15 168
With the development of building materials machinery, cement brick making machines have blossomed, but the new type of wall materials of cement brick making machines is not yet known in rural areas of our country. As a result, environmental protection brick making machines were born.

The full-automatic hydraulic brick making machine is mainly based on table mold vibration and vertical directional vibration, so the forming effect is good. Suitable for small and medium-sized concrete block plants in urban and rural areas and municipal cement product plants. Mainly produce all kinds of wall blocks, wall decoration split blocks, solid bricks and porous hollow bricks for walls, colorful pavement bricks and grass-planting bricks, water conservancy slope blocks, lattice fence blocks, heat insulation blocks and chimneys Block etc.

The basic maintenance methods of Noah cement brick machine equipment after entering the winter are as follows:

When entering the transition of autumn and winter, pay attention to the replacement of the oil, because the oil is used for a long time, it is easy to produce slag stains, and it is easy to cause different degrees of friction between parts.

Every time you start the equipment, don't rush into production, let the machine rotate for three to two minutes without working to achieve the effect of preheating.

The temperature of the oil tank of the machine should prevent the oil from being sanded, so as to prevent the machine from being unable to lubricate when it is running to reduce unnecessary friction.

In winter, the temperature is relatively low, so machinery and equipment should be covered after work to avoid freezing and oil condensation in rain and snow.

Noah Cement Brick Machine

There are two main pressure methods for the multifunctional cement brick making machine, one is single-sided, one-time impact type, the brick material is pressed from one side in the brick press, and the other is double-sided. Section pressurization, the pressurization process is carried out in sections. The first section is lighter, the second section is heavier, and the third section is used on both sides to complete the jade forming process at the same time. There is a rest period between each section to remove air. The purpose of brick molding is to process the loose mixture into bricks of the required specifications. The quality of the bricks is largely based on the quality of the bricks. The output of the cement press determines the output of the factory. Therefore, the bricks are formed It is a key process in the production of cement bricks.

For cement bricks without aggregates, when single-sided one-time impact pressure is used, the ultimate forming pressure is only six to eight Pascals, while when two-sided segmented pressure is used, the ultimate forming pressure reaches ten to twelve Pascals. The improvement of molding pressure, the improvement of the compactness of the brick blank, the increase of the volume density, and the corresponding improvement of product quality