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Name:QT4-15 automatic concrete block forming machine

Category:Automatic brick machine



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1. Equipped with a self-developed control system, seamlessly connected with the hydraulic system and mechanical parts, to realize the integrated control of electromechanical and hydraulic, so that the whole machine can run at high speed.

2. The control system has an intelligent action interlock function to prevent mechanical failure due to misoperation

3. Choose imported PLC programmable controller, color touch screen, humanized operation interface, parameter guidance and many other practical functions, allowing users to easily realize man-machine dialogue.

4. Using original imported hydraulic components, equipped with self-developed highly integrated hydraulic valve plate, making the system stronger and more stable.

5. Adopting German original high-performance vibration system, strong vibration, short molding cycle, high product density.

6. Equipped with Noah's customized F-class insulated high-speed vibration motor, with frequency conversion motor, the operation is more stable and energy-saving.

7. Adopting front and rear swinging cloth device, the cloth is more even, the product density is better, and the problem of long time for porous brick cloth is solved.