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7*24-hour butler service, free software upgrades for life, regular tracking of product status.

Our advantage lies in the cutting-edge and autonomy of R&D technology, and we can efficiently provide customers with complete and integrated solutions. We have a deep understanding of customer needs, integrated multi-channel services, through efficient operation and maintenance management, to help customers effectively reduce factory operating costs, achieve energy-saving goals, and improve competitiveness

1. Pre-sale service

We have professional and comprehensive pre-sale services to provide guidance and guidance for your investment.

Introduce the status of our company and product categories;

1. According to local market demand, guide users to choose product categories;

2. Guide users to choose equipment according to demand output and investment scale;

3. Accompanying on-site inspections of the production site, introducing the production process, and answering difficult questions;

4. According to your actual situation, make an investment plan with the least risk for you

2. In-sale service

The meticulous and rigorous sales service makes your choice more worry-free and reliable.

1. Review the contract and confirm or amend the unclear points in the contract or the issues that need to be negotiated by both parties.

2. According to requirements, issue production instructions and arrange production.

3. Provide the plant layout plan and equipment basic plan in advance, and arrange personnel for on-site guidance if necessary.

4. Provide technical consultation and advice on plant construction planning.

Three, after-sales service

The thoughtful and efficient after-sales service provides support and guarantee for your benefits.

1. On-site training users to be proficient in operating equipment and guiding safe production.

2. Carefully explain the daily maintenance of the equipment and eliminate common faults.

3. The company's after-sales service department is responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints about product quality and service quality.

4. At any time, any user can arrange a technician to come to our company to receive guidance and training from a dedicated person for free.

5. Accept the improvement suggestions from customers with an open mind, provide products and services that meet the needs of users according to market changes, and create value for users.

6. Users who have passed the warranty period enjoy lifetime after-sales service.

If you have any needs, please contact us in time-after-sales service hotline: 0574-88018826, we will try our best to solve your problems and look forward to working with you